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Featured Speakers

Jolene Brown

Professional Speaker and Consultant
Jolene Brown, LLC

Jolene Brown is a farmer, author and professional speaker from West Branch, Iowa, who advocates for farmers nationwide.

About her session: “Farming with family is a challenge!” she says. Combining personalities, differing goals and multiple generations often puts families on a collision course. To be productive and profitability, families who farm together must make intentional actions. Communication tools need to be used. Agreements must be written down. There must be a commitment to transitioning the leadership and ownership of the business. Her session is for “those interested in less stress, cussing and ulcers...and more interested in becoming a successful business-first family.,” she says. Jolene will also be available for personal, one-on-one consultation.


Carolyn A. Thompson

Estate Planning Attorney

Thompson Law, PC

Carolyn Thompson is an estate planning attorney. She helps families provide for the security of their loved ones, reduce estate taxes and avoid or minimize the costs and delays of probate, all with a well-crafted estate plan.

About her session: Learn what legal tools your family might use to transfer management and ownership of a dairy. “Estate planning is a field that needs tending,” she says. “Make sure your family reaps what you sow.”


Jim (James) G. Hauge (Last Modified: 10/10/2006)

Jim Hauge CAC, CCA

Agribusiness Consultant
Eide Bailly LLP

Jim Hauge is an agri-business consultant with Eide Bailly, a regional accounting firm. Jim owned and managed an extensive farming operation for 35 years. He and his wife, Jody, recently transferred ownership to their sons. He now helps farm families with succession/transition planning and other issues.

About his session: “For succession planning to be successful, it must make business sense, meet the goals of all stakeholders, make tax sense and be in compliance with government programs,” says Jim, who with his wife, Jody, recently transitioned two sons back into their farming operation. Learn how a holistic approach to succession planning offers options.” Case studies and real world application will be discussed.”



Kristy Pagel

Kristy Pagel is involved in her family’s 5th generation dairy and is a regional sales manager for Diamond V.

About her session: “Honestly ladies – how do we do it?” Kristy asks. “We multi-task; run here, there, everywhere; and all the while balance between business, spouse, family, laundry, employees and community activities. Do you have your BIG GIRL boots on to tackle that daily to-do list? Come prepared to laugh, to reflect, be challenged and to take home ways to wake up up every day with your BIG GIRL boots on.”

Emily Kurtzleben

Emily Kurtzleben is a dairy representative for Elanco Animal Health

About her session: The world population is growing rapidly. Doesn’t everyone have right to safe, affordable food? About 96% of the people from around world surveyed recently said they welcomed the use of technology to produce healthy, safe, affordable food. Don’t let critics tell you differently.




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