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Central Plains Women's Conference

Nov. 10-11, 2015

Best Western Ramkota

3200 W. Maple St., Sioux Falls, SD


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Tuesday, Nov. 10

1 p.m.  -- "Using baler twine and barn lime to live a life with purpose."– Laura Daniels, founder, Dairy Girl Network, and owner, Heartland Farm, Cobb, Wis.. Dairy women are amazing. We probably work harder and longer than most, but it’s the life we choose and we love it -- most of the time! Unfortunately, life on a dairy isn’t all sunshine and roses. Sometimes its thistles, deep fertilizer and, ‘the cows are out!’”  Laura’s praise for dairy women and refreshing honesty about the ups and downs of a dairy woman’s life sets the table for the Central Plains Dairy Women’s Conference. She will you help get ready to identify tools – things like “baler twine” and “barn lime” – to hold a family and business together in times of trouble and provide some traction when life gets a little slippery. Laura’s combination of farm girl charm and professional speaker’s way with words will have you laughing out loud as you reflect and learn.

2 p.m. -- Breakout session

"Are you ready for the new ICE?
" – DeAnne Hilgers, attorney, Linquist & Vennum, Minneapolis, Minn. Learn what’s happening now with immigration enforcement, how immigration and custom officials will view your I-9 forms, what myths may lead you to believe that your I-9 forms are “fine,” what the first five steps you should to take if you receive an inspection notice from ICE, and more.

"Finding your voice and sharing your story. One ag-vocate’s journey to reaching millions." – Carrie Mess, aka “Dairy Carrie.” Carrie Mess is a dairy farmer, blogger and public speaker. She was introduced to dairy farming by marriage in 2009. Through daily operations on Mesa Dairy in Milford, Wis., she’s become an advocate for agriculture by sharing the story of dairy on social media. Carrie is a graduate of the Holstein Foundation’s Young Dairy Leadership Institute program and serves as a board of director for the Dairy Girl Network.

3:p.m. -- "The dairy woman behind Fairlife Milk. How Sue McCloskey helped turn a problem into the next big thing." – Sue McCloskey, Fair Oakes Dairy, Ind.
“I said to Mike, ‘As a woman and mom of four active, on-the-go kids, it’s a challenge to get the daily nutrition we all need,’” Sue McCloskey recalls. “We realized it was possible to take milk’s nutrients and increase the ones we wanted, like protein and calcium, and decrease those we didn’t want, like lactose and sugars. And we knew that a great glass of milk like that would be something consumers would want.”

4 p.m. -- Breakout sessions
"Ten ways to make your farm safer for your family members and employees." -- Mike Keenan, Gallagher Grace-Mayer. Do you know what are the most common dairy workplace accidents and injuries? Do you know what can be done to prevent them? It is possible to make your dairy a safer place for everyone.

"Is your team pulling in the same direction? Secrets to great meetings." -- Stephanie Stout and Sadie Frecicks, Dairy Girl Network. Just like draft horses, our families, farms and organizations accomplish more if all members work together. Meetings are a great way to harness ideas and energy, but who loves a meeting? No one! Learn skills to lead organized, effective and SHORT meetings. This hands-on workshop includes tips for reigning in overbearing personalities and encouraging introverts to run with their ideas. You will also learn the fine art of patient, but persistent accountability, so you don’t have to crack the whip. If you are part of any group, this workshop will give you the horsepower to generate results. Stephanie Stout, is active in her families’ dairy in Monroe, Wis., and is publisher of Polled Place, is the promotions and communication manager for DairyBullsOnline and is editor of the Illinois Holstein Herald.  Sadie Frericks, is a Sauk Centre, Minn., dairy farmer, a writer and blogger for Dairy Star, and a director of the Dairy Girl Network.

5 p.m. -Dairy Girl Network Connecting Session. Network with other dairy women and be inspired to achieve your goals. Come learn about the fast-growing Dairy Girl Network and programs available to you.

7 p.m. -- Dinner
"Desperate moments: The making of a transformed life." – Scott Gottschalk, Kimball, Minn.
Follow one dairy woman’s courageous decision to risk everything to help feed starving children and their families in Africa.  Could she teach them to dairy and was it worth the dangerous outcome?  You may never take your blessings for granted again! Scott Gottschalk is an author, member of the Professional Speakers Network, and has worked for more than three decades for Land ‘O Lakes, Inc.

Wednesday, Nov. 11

Breakfast on your own
8 a.m. -- "What’s ahead for your dairy’s income?" -- Mary Ledman, publisher, Daily Dairy Report, and principal, Keough Ledman Associates, Inc., Alexandria, Minn. So often milk market outlooks are delivered by a man for men. This is a market outlook is given by a woman for women. Mary has over three decades of experience in the dairy industry that includes production, processing and policy both in the public and private arena. She grew-up on a 160 acre, 50-cow dairy farm in southern Wisconsin and has worked on farms in Germany, Japan and New Zealand. In January 1995, she founded Keough Ledman Associates, Inc. a dairy economic consulting firm that provides a wide range of consulting services from “Dairy 101” educational workshops to milk and dairy product price forecasts and futures and options trading strategies.  Mary will talk about her outlook for milk prices, factors that may impact the market, trends to track and much more.  Questions and conversations will be encouraged.

9 a.m. --  Breakout sessions
Working towards the same goal: How to get employees to be able to finish your sentence when you’re gone." – Dr. Corale Dorn, DVM, executive director and owner, Dells Veterinary Service, Dell Rapids, S.D. Learn some of the top management practices that can be incorporated into day-to-day training and working situations to help employees “get it” and do the job right, even when we are not there. Dr Corale Dorn, a second generation veterinarian, has been in Dells Rapids, S.D., since she graduated from Iowa State University in 2001. Originally from Kadoka, S.D., she completed her Animal Science degree at South Dakota State University before getting her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree. Dr. Dorn works with all of the animals, but devotes much of her time with dairy management, newborn calf health and specialized orthopedic and soft tissue surgeries in cats and dogs.Inspiration in your hands.

"How to find, ask and get the most out of having or being a mentor." – Amy te Plate-Church, chairwoman, Dairy Girl Network. Learn how to seek and initiate a meaningful mentoring relationship. Amy will lay out the steps that will lead you and your mentor to rich conversations with great impact for both mentor and mentee. As she rolls out the Dairy Girl Network “Inspire” program, Amy has been collecting tricks and tips that will help you cut through the small talk and get to the life changing good stuff.

10:30  a.m. -- "The balancing act: 10 ideas to relieve stress and bring renewal to our farm and family life." – Jolene Brown, West Point, Iowa. We balance soil fertility, feed rations, tires and our checkbooks. We overwork, overwhelm and overload ourselves. Something’s wrong with this picture! It’s time we learn 10 realistic and applicable ideas to help bring a breath of fresh air, renewal and balance to our work and family life. Come and learn with Jolene Brown, grain farmer, author, family business consultant and an internationally recognized professional speaker. With valuable content, real life examples and a whole lot of fun, you, your family and the farm or ranch will be glad you did!  

Noon     Conference ends


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