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What is the Central Plains Dairy Association?

The Central Plains Dairy Association is a non-profit organization that works to grow the dairy industry in the Central Plains states and the I-29 Corridor through education and communication activities. The membership region currently includes Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota, Minnesota and North Dakota.  


 Central Plains Dairy Association hosts the Central Plains Dairy Expo, a trade show and conference each March.  


CPDA also sponsors a tour of dairies in different parts of the Central Plains.  

Golf Tourney

CPDA sponsors a golf tournament the first Wednesday in August. Strictly for fun and networking, it has proven to be a great mixer for dairy producers, their families and employees and industry representatives.  

Women’s Dairy Conference

CPDA conducts the Central Plains Women’s Dairy Conference each November. Held in Sioux Falls, S.D., the conference offers in-depth sessions for women on selected dairy management topics. In alternate years CPDA hosts a professional business conference.

 Members in CPDA receive E-News, an email newsletter. They also receive company listings in the Central Plains Dairy Directory which is a telephone book of the dairy industry in the five state membership region. This book is mailed to all dairy producers in the same region.




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